Constanza Alarcón Tennen (CL)

Constanza Alarcón Tennen (CL) born 1986, is a multidisciplinary artist. Her work includes sound installations, videos, sculptures and performances, among other media. She graduated from a BFA at Universidad Católica de Chile in 2009 and from an MFA in Sculpture at Yale University in 2015. Her work has been shown internationally at video screenings, collective and solo exhibitions at venues such as Atelierhaus Salzamt (Linz, Austria), Lunds Konsthall (Lund, Suecia),

Wane, Anna K. (SEN)

Anna K. Wane (SEN) is a young artist from Dakar, Senegal.She works primarily in video, and is interested in the intersection between experimental and documentary filmmaking. She also has an interest in performance.Her work aims to center the voices of people from marginalized communities.

Ali Hashemlou (IRN)

Ali Hashemlou (IRN) (*1989) is a composer, sound artist and organiser of sound related events. He studied theory of composition under the supervision of Ali Ahmadifar in Rasht city, Iran. He complete his basic studies in Art supervised by Nader Mashayekhi in Tehran. In last three years, he gained some experiences in composition, sound art and event organisation; for instance, composing two piano pieces (“minor 2nd” and “Modulation”) which has

Martin Tornow (DE)

Martin Tornow (DE)   studied at the sound art class at HBK Braunschweig of Prof. Ulrich Eller. He moved from the field of music to sound art and deals with acoustic phenomenon, sound in space, interference, border areas of human hearing, body perception of sound and silence with spatial installations and performances, for instance with his Kopfkino# Project (Antimo Sorgente, Manuel Klotz, Valentin Döring, Martin Tornow). Tornow was Prize-winner (special distinction)

Poblete Montoya, Michel (CL)

Michel Poblete Montoya (CL) Born in Santiago de Chile, Sound Engineer graduated from Vicente Pérez Rosales Technological University (VIPRO), Sound Art Diploma from University of Chile and Master degree in Sound Art at the Faculty of Fine Arts of University of Barcelona. He has worked in concerts, theater plays, travel documentaries, recording and mixing dubbing for television, and performing music programs, postproducing audio and creating podcasts. Since 2012 he has participated

Sattari, Kaveh (IRN)

Kaveh Sattari (IRN) Kaveh Sattari aka kāve , 1987, Tehran, BA in art (designing & weaving carpet) Yazd 2011, is an electronic musician and sound artist. Initially a student of classical guitar in 1998, he later turned to the violin in 2006 before devoting himself to electronic music in 2013. He has been Ata Ebtekar aka Sote pupil in Electronic music since 2016. In 2014 He started to work as a

Pülm, Maurice (DE)

Maurice Pülm (DE) Born in 1989, Pülm studied and lives in Braunschweig. He attended the Art Academy in Braunschweig, where he was a member of the classes of Asta Gröting and Aurelia Mihai (2010), then the class of Ulrich Eller (2014), before finishing his degree in 2015 with the latter, before subsequently becoming a master student of Eller. In 2013, he received a state grant from Lower Saxony. Pülm’s work has

Wien, Christiane (DE)

Christiane Wien (DE) graduated in 2018 from the Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Saar in Saarbrücken (Germany) with a master’s degree in Fine Arts/Sound Art after she had received her BFA in sculpture and installation from Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences, Alfter (Germany) in 2016. She also holds a master’s degree in German literature, history and linguistics from Humboldt University Berlin (Germany). Working with sound as a visual artist,

Schmitt, Nika (LU)

Nika Schmitt (LU)   born in Luxemburg in 1992, has been active since 2017 as an independent audio-visual artist and freelance staff member at “Casino Luxembourg-Forum d’Art Contemporain” (LU). After completing her A-levels and absolving several travel and work experiences in various countries, she began studies at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Maastricht (NL) in 2013. Site-specific projects, such as a research piece in Dakar for the

Pasch, Lorenz (DE)

Lorenz Pasch (DE) (born in 1990) has studied in the class of Prof. Friederike Feldmann at the Berlin Weißensee School of Art since 2014. He works with installation, performance and video. His – how he calls it – “metaphysic toolkit” consists of returning materials, elements, ideas and terms. Many things develop out of the engagement with the material. Pasch has been the recipient of a scholarship from the German Academic Scholarship

Lambert, Kathrin (DE)

Kathrin Lambert (DE)   In 2012, Kathrin Lambert began her studies at HBKsaar. Previously active primarily in the areas of photography, video and media design, it quickly became clear to Lambert that she has a further passion: sound. She allows existing sounds to meld, to communicate with one another or to cancel one another out. Her pieces sound like music, without however bowing to its rules. Her focus lies on