Ali Hashemlou (IRN)

(*1989) is a composer, sound artist and organiser of sound related events. He studied theory of composition under the supervision of Ali Ahmadifar in Rasht city, Iran. He complete his basic studies in Art supervised by Nader Mashayekhi in Tehran.
In last three years, he gained some experiences in composition, sound art and event organisation; for instance, composing two piano pieces (“minor 2nd” and “Modulation”) which has been performed of separate concerts in Rasht, Shiraz and Tehran during 2017 – 2019, organizing three “Electronic and electro acoustic events” in Rasht and Shiraz during 2017 – 2018, curating for “Sound art event” in Rasht in 2019, “Sound installation no.1” in 2017, “Sound installation no. 2” in 2018 and a sound installation during the “Sound art event” in Rasht.
He is currently developing some sound installation ideas to be performed in public places and historic urban structures. He is also performing some experiments on the sympathetic resonance capacities of instruments.
Ali is a hiker; although the last activity might be irrelevant to his artistic capabilities, it enhances his perceptions of the natural events; such as soundscapes.

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