Day 0 – Ghost Town Soundwalk

Hello everybody, this is my first report and it is about a very special place to me. Valparaíso during the last ten years it’s been a kind of experimental lab for my work as sound chef, so when I got the invitation to a residency there I was pretty happy to live and work there, but as you know, in October 2019 our political revolution started, it was the time

Valparaiso-Bonn Residency Start

The residency will run 10. June – 8. July 2021! Due to the political situation in Chile in November 2019 and since then due to the pandemic, the module in Valparaiso (Chile) could not take place as planned. In order to still make the joint research residency of the young sound artists possible, we have moved the module to Bonn at short notice. The young Chilean artists will collect sounds and