Maurice Pülm (DE) Born in 1989, Pülm studied and lives in Braunschweig. He attended the Art Academy in Braunschweig, where
Ali Hashemlou (IRN) (*1989) is a composer, sound artist and organiser of sound related events. He studied theory of composition
Lorenz Pasch (DE) (born in 1990) has studied in the class of Prof. Friederike Feldmann at the Berlin Weißensee School
Ismaël Adramé Coly (SEN)   Graduated from UCAD and CESTI Dakar in law, journalism and communications. Works as journalist with
Anna K. Wane (SEN) is a young artist from Dakar, Senegal.She works primarily in video, and is interested in the
Michel Poblete Montoya (CL) Born in Santiago de Chile, Sound Engineer graduated from Vicente Pérez Rosales Technological University (VIPRO), Sound
Kathrin Lambert (DE)   In 2012, Kathrin Lambert began her studies at HBKsaar. Previously active primarily in the areas of
Martin Tornow (DE)   studied at the sound art class at HBK Braunschweig of Prof. Ulrich Eller. He moved from
Christiane Wien (DE) graduated in 2018 from the Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Saar in Saarbrücken (Germany) with a master’s degree
Nika Schmitt (LU)   born in Luxemburg in 1992, has been active since 2017 as an independent audio-visual artist and
Constanza Alarcón Tennen (CL) born 1986, is a multidisciplinary artist. Her work includes sound installations, videos, sculptures and performances, among
Kaveh Sattari (IRN) Kaveh Sattari aka kāve , 1987, Tehran, BA in art (designing & weaving carpet) Yazd 2011, is




Carsten Stabenow (DE) (born 1972) works as independent curator, producer, communication designer and artist on the intersection of artistic production
Franziska Windisch (DE) (*1983, DE) lives and works in Brussels. Her work moves between performance, text, composition and installation. She
Marion Louisgrand Sylla (SEN) is the director of Kër Thiossane (House of welcome), a media art centre with an artist-residency programme,
Sam Auinger (AT/DE)   was born in Linz, Austria in 1956 and now lives and works in Berlin. Since the
Carsten Seiffarth (DE) was born in 1963 in berlin; orchestral music studies at the franz liszt school of music, weimar
Fernando Godoy  (CL) Sound artist, producer and curator from Valparaíso, Chile. His works is focus on sound and listening as
Stefan Rummel (DE)   the city sound artist bonn 2014 was born in nuremberg, germany, and studied from 1989 to
Mehdi Behbudi (IRN)   For me nature is poetic enough. I don't need my poetry to interrupt.I hate headlights and