Nika Schmitt (LU)


born in Luxemburg in 1992, has been active since 2017 as an independent audio-visual artist and freelance staff member at “Casino Luxembourg-Forum d’Art Contemporain” (LU). After completing her A-levels and absolving several travel and work experiences in various countries, she began studies at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Maastricht (NL) in 2013.
Site-specific projects, such as a research piece in Dakar for the Biennale of Contemporary Art in Senegal – dak’art in 2016, helped Nika Schmitt to consolidate her own artistic orientation. In July 2017, Nika Schmitt graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and received the 2017 Gilbert de Bontridder Prijs. Exhibitions such as “Artspotting” at DNB Amsterdam and “fresh cacao” at de Cacaofrabriek in Helmont (NL) have followed.

Schmitt is the first-prize winner of the 2018 edition of the sonotopia competition for installation-based sound art of the Beethovenstiftung Bonn.

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