Rond-point 2, open studios

Rond-point 2 is the result shown during the open studios. The spacial installation is a composition of sounds produced by the resonating aluminum bowl that is played back by two speakers attached to two ventilators positioned across from one another. The turning bowl and the movement of the ventilators are both sequenced into on- and off-phases. The ventilators are rattling, low bass frequencies produced by the air entering the microphones

Roundabout and “Les Mamelles” lighthouse

For a work in progress my focus lays upon turning phenomena and shifting soundscapes. Therefore I visited Roundabouts like “jet d’eau sicap” and the lighthouse “Les Mamelles”. Back in the work room I installed an aluminum frying pan turning between two columns reflecting the sounds in space from one end to the other. Two microphones are placed in space and are sending their signals through two speakers close to the


Two “Calebasses”(calabashes) are joined by a motor and move autonomously on the pavement and soils through Dakar city to meet moving cars, pedestrians and horses on its way. Sometimes individuals stop and watch others ignore and pass. A spontaneous intervention that shows a known object moving unpredictably from one side to the other. The sounds of the environment are merged with the buzzing sound of the motor and the crunching

material research and first experiments

The “calebasse” is THE multipurpose fruit of Senegal. It serves as a bowl for water transportation or food preparation but it is also used for religious ceremonies and as a musical instrument. The “calebasse” and its organic shape become an interesting tool for sound and autonomous movement experimentation. Besides its existing purposes it provides a great isolating surface and reflecting body for introduced or existing sounds of the environment. Besides