material research and first experiments

The “calebasse” is THE multipurpose fruit of Senegal. It serves as a bowl for water transportation or food preparation but it is also used for religious ceremonies and as a musical instrument. The “calebasse” and its organic shape become an interesting tool for sound and autonomous movement experimentation. Besides its existing purposes it provides a great isolating surface and reflecting body for introduced or existing sounds of the environment. Besides

I’ve been here before

Maybe in a dream or in another life Surrounded by the sounds of metal on metal, we find peace in seeing the old anew. Scraps of old cars whisper softly of the things they can become – life after life. From the first week. Walking in the streets of Dakar, with a new group of people, even down streets I have never seen or experienced. I can’t help but feel


looking for equipment in a very small market close to the harbor on a very hot day, after a long ride in a taxi from kër, accompanied by an amazing radio voice, sounding like a rapper but just telling the news from today, and the car was shaking like a broken umbrella, the busses rumbled closed by, horses cluttered past and we ended up eating street food. a very nice