1. Oktober – 1. November 2019

Kathrin Lambert, Lorenz Pasch + Kaveh Sattari, Ali Hashemlou

Local mentor:
Mate Behbudi (sound artist, Tehran)

2nd October – Project Presentation, 7pm @ Kooshk Residency
30th October – Open Studio, 12pm – 9pm @ Deegar Platform, Darbast Platform and Tehran Navab Bath House

Partner organisation / residency location:
Kooshk Residency

Cultural Section of the German Embassy in Tehran

sonic explorers in Tehran

The first station of the project, the sonic explorers was Tehran. Kathrin Lambert (DE), Lorenz Pasch (DE), Kaveh Sattari (IRN), Ali Hashemlou (IRN) and their Mentor Mate Behbudi (IRN) explored the city from October 1st – November 1st 2019.
Here you can get a little inside of the process and the individual projects:

Tehran commands an expanded system of water channels all over the city. Most of them had ran dry by the time we arrived, but some conduct water all year long. A few are even quite powerful. Roaming our neighbourhood, I fortunately found one of them at a street called Nirumand, which actually means “powerful” in Farsi. That’s the origin of my sound object.

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My initial idea was to transform the environmental sounds in one of the oldest bath-houses in Teheran (Navab Bath-House) based on the historic and mysterious background of the public bath-houses. In the midst of efforts through this approach to prepare a circle of feedback through a combination of environmental reverb and digital audio effects, I explored the monument’s particular way of sound editing caused by the unique architecture and its acoustics.

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My work is a reflection on the environment of Teheran’s city centre, and particularly its central squares. When you walk through these areas you can see the heavy traffic, the crowds and the tall buildings with cubical shapes and sharp corners. You can hear the powerful sounds, which move like prolific clouds through those huge squares; many cars and people are moving and making massive, continuous streams. For me this situation is strongly affecting, and my reflection to this effect is to find a way to appreciate that situation with artistic methods.

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My investigations in the residency were primarily devoted to spatial lines of inquiry: questions that were addressed in particular to the psychological quality of architectonic, urban planning and social spaces, and how one moves through these spaces. For what quickly became apparent to me was a certain difference, an otherness, something unfamiliar in the familiar. And this unfamiliar part struck me first off in how space is organised. Private and public spaces are structured in an almost diametrically opposite fashion, and yet they constantly overlap.

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