Square Installation

The representation of the environment is a primitive and appropriate way to show appreciation. 

Basically, this installation is a reflection on the environment of Teheran’s city centre, and particularly its central squares. When you walk through these areas you can see the heavy traffic, the crowds and the tall buildings with cubical shapes and sharp corners. You can hear the powerful sounds, which move like prolific clouds through those huge squares; many cars and people are moving and making massive, continuous streams. For me this situation is strongly affecting, and my reflection to this effect is to find a way to appreciate that situation with artistic methods.

This installation contains four ventilation channels (each 200 centimetres high and 50 centimetres wide) and four 12-inch subwoofers. We put the subwoofers inside the ventilation channels and then closed the bottom and top sides of them. I composed four series of sine waves (through simply swiping up and down from 20Hz to 90Hz in random durations) and assigned each part to a subwoofer. The sympathetic resonances between sine waves and the surfaces of the ventilation channels make various vibrations; so we have four vibrating ventilation channels that sound in random periods of time and dynamics. On the other hand, each sine wave line has aneffect on other lines (in other ventilation channels) and the audience can hear and feel the beat frequencies in random timing, duration and energy. The soundscape is constantly changing through an algorithm and creates floating vibrations in space. I tried to reconstruct a minimalized model of a real square. The cubic form of ventilation channels, the setting of them in a foursquare, the spotlights for focussing on shapes and making a dark and unlimited space around objects. And producing random floating sounds and energies that are movable and random, like sounds in a crowded square. The installation invites audiences to walk freely through the space and explore it. Every corner of this event had some special sub-events, so in each moment each audience member couldhave a new perception. For me the “square installation” and this type of artworks are attempts to create a dialogue between myselfand audiences and the events around us.