Stabenow, Carsten (DE)

Carsten Stabenow (DE) (born 1972) works as independent curator, producer, communication designer and artist on the intersection of artistic production and mediation. He studied communications and postgraduate interdisciplinary studies in Berlin and is initiator of diverse festivals, formats and initiatives within the context of new media, art + science and sound art. Stabenow is the founder of the German media art festival garage, initiator and artistic director of Tuned City,

Seiffarth, Carsten (DE)

Carsten Seiffarth (DE) was born in 1963 in berlin; orchestral music studies at the franz liszt school of music, weimar (trombone); musicology/sociology studies at the tu berlin. from 1991 on, freelance project work as a curator and producer for sound art and contemporary music. curated numerous solo and group exhibitions, in germany and in other countries, for example, in austria, the netherland, belgium, denmark, romania, luxemburg, slovenia, u.s.a., croatia, norway, mexico.

Godoy, Fernando (CL)

Fernando Godoy  (CL) Sound artist, producer and curator from Valparaíso, Chile. His works is focus on sound and listening as phenomena of our experience, and his production includes experimental scores, web projects, radio pieces, sound installation and performances, works that has been shown in Chile, Perú, Canada, Estonia, Italy, Australia and Germany. He is also director of Tsonami Sound Art Festival in Valparaíso, Chile, co-editor of Aural, a physical magazine

Louisgrand Sylla, Marion (SEN)

Marion Louisgrand Sylla (SEN) is the director of Kër Thiossane (House of welcome), a media art centre with an artist-residency programme, based in Dakar (Senegal). Together with Momar François Sylla she founded this cultural and artistic place in 2002 . The aim of Kër Thiossane is the integration of multimedia in artistic practices (music, dance, theatre, and visual arts) and the culture of open access, numeric creation through computer science and

Auinger, Sam (AT/DE)

Sam Auinger (AT/DE)   was born in Linz, Austria in 1956 and now lives and works in Berlin. Since the bgeginning of the 1980’s he has dealt intensively with the subjects of composition, computer music, psycho acoustics, and sound design. Together with Bruce Odland, he founded O+A in 1989. Their central theme is a “hearing perspective”. Their projects include Garten der Zeitraume (Ars Electronica 1990, Linz), Traffic Mantra (at Trajan’s Forum

Windisch, Franziska (DE)

Franziska Windisch (DE) (*1983, DE) lives and works in Brussels. Her work moves between performance, text, composition and installation. She composes scores for performative acts which interrogate notions of trace, medium, sound and listening and which she then incorporates in linguistic, sculptural and installative arrangements. Situations that illustrate transformative processes and have unforeseen or irreversible results are key to her artistic practice.

Rummel, Stefan (DE)

Stefan Rummel (DE)   the city sound artist bonn 2014 was born in nuremberg, germany, and studied from 1989 to 1996 at the academy of fine arts there. he lives and works in berlin. in his highly site—specific works rummel uses sound quite naturally as a sculptural material. numerous national and international exhibitions, performances and sound installations.