Nirumand – under construction

Interaction with a site specific sound object Paddlewheel, metal tablets, mallets, wood Tehran commands an expanded system of water channels all over the city. Most of them ran dry by the time we arrived, but some lead water all year long. Even a few are quite powerful. Roaming our neighbourhood I fortunately found one of them at a street called nirumand, which actually means powerful on farsi. That‘s the origin


Soundinstallation Fieldrecordings & megaphoneDeegar Studio In connection to the excessive use of horn speakers in Tehran, for example at the mosque, the cars of the junk dealers, the bazaar and even in restaurants, I was recording a lot of these announcements. The mostly melodious impression attracted me as well as the exotic sound of the shouts and the strange custom itself. All of these announcements are like loops, because the

Tehran Tour

Composition of field recordings Tehran tour is a listening piece for the passengers of our open studio bus trip through the noisy city.In general, the piece is an arrangement of different sounds I collected here in Tehran. In my working process I mixed different recordings together to create a fictitious soundscape. By taking them our of their original context and putting them together in another constellation I try to conceive